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Fun Facts about Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame might have begun as a chamber of commerce tactics but it ended up becoming Los Angeles’s most favorite tourist attraction. Every year, this place witnesses more than 10 million tourists. From Minnie Mouse to mark Hamill, this place has made a permanent mark for all.

Here are some fun facts about Hollywood’s Walk of Fame –

  1. The idea first came in 1953

The first thought for the Walk of Fame came from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s volunteer president E. M. Stuart in 1953. As indicated by a public statement gave that year, he proposed the thought as a promoting strategy to “keep up the magnificence of a network whose name implies fabulousness and fervor in the four corners of the world.” It wasn’t until January 1956 that an official proposition was submitted to the Los Angeles City Council.

  1. Original concept included only caricatures

It required a long time to choose an idea and plan for this amazing place. Among the renderings set forth were a star that incorporated an exaggeration of the honoree, planted along earthy colored and blue walkways. The two thoughts were in the long run nixed—the exaggerations due to the trouble in question and the shadings since they conflicted with a structure that land designer C.E. Toberman, a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood, was raising on Hollywood Boulevard.

  1. Only four categories were there initially

Initially, there were only four types of inductees included in the Walk of Fame – namely, Motion Pictures, Recording/Music, Radio and Television. However, today, live theatre performance has also been included in this.

  1. The public got a sneak peak of this in 1958 only

In order to create excitement among the public and to attract tourists for this place, a sneak peak of the Walk of Fame was given way back in 1958 only. This was done to attract more tourist attraction at this place. Public went crazy and excited after seeing caricatures of Ronald Colman, Preston Foster, Louise Fazenda and many more.

  1. Two lawsuits that delayed the construction

Despite the fact that development on the official Walk was set to start soon after the sneak look of those initial eight stars, two claims kept that from occurring. The first lawsuit came from a gathering of nearby land owners who didn’t warmly embrace this expensive expenditure on one place. For them this was nothing but wastage of public’s money that they paid in the form of taxes. This hindered the Walk’s development in the initial stages. The second lawsuit came from Charlie Chaplin, Jr., who filed a suit on behalf of his father that he was not chosen as an honoree for that place. He demanded $400,000. The case was excused in 1960, however the senior Chaplin did at long last get a star in 1972 (the exact year he won a privileged Oscar).

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It was after these two lawsuits that got over, this place started with the construction.

  1. Stanley Kramer was the first one whose star was laid

After all the happenings, the construction finally began in the year 1960. The very first star came of that of the very famous producer Stanley Kramer of head of The Defiant Ones, Inherit the Wind, Judgment at Nuremberg, and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. He was the first honoree who’s star was laid down on this site on March 28, 1960.

  1. Movie stars make the most of the Walk of Fame

Out of the 2600 caricatures constructed on the Walk of Fame, maximum are the movie stars who got very famous during that time. Almost 50% of the Walk comprises of the movie stars from that of the Motion Pictures category, and then followed by television artists, radio, music. Live performance category is the lowest to get the place – almost 2% of live performance artists are the honoree at the Walk of Fame.

  1. Mohamed Ali comes under the live performance artist

In the year 2002, Mohamed Ali got his honoree star at the Walks. It was considered that he came under the category of live performer. Also, many do not know the fact that his is the only star on whom you cannot step.

  1. There is an application process to be nominated to get a star at the Walks

Yes, there is an application process to get nominated and featured at the Walk of Fame. It takes more than just a talent to get featured there. Anyone can nominate his or her own celebrity to get featured on the Walks, but has to go through a strict nomination process. Once that is completed duly, along with a letter of agreement from the star(s)/artists, they will be considered as an honoree.

  1. The nomination for the stars comes with a fee

It is not a joke to get a star on this very famous place. Along with filing the nomination form, the person also has to proceed by paying nomination fees of $40,000. Besides this, they have to maintain the star that is made of brass and terrazzo.


Also, a very interesting point comes here for the Walks is that the honoree, whose star is made has to be present at the time of unveiling ceremony. Isn’t that so cool to see your star being unveiled before you? However, it was rumored that Barbra Streisand had challenged this rule. It was said that she wasn’t comfortable with the crowd and the masses that were present at the time of unveiling ceremony.

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