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Company culture and its effects on overall performance and growth


Company culture can be defined as the values and attributes shared within an organization or a company. It can also be defined as the way the employees interact with each other in a company. The decisions they make or the ideas they share are the elements of company culture. It also refers to the way the employees feel while working. It also includes their view about where the company is going and what actions they are taking to take the company there. It represents the culture of an organization.

Company culture consists of different aspects. There is long list of aspects which is needed to be taken into account to have a good culture.  Following mentioned points are a few of such aspects:

  • Environment of the company – This is the most important factor to maintain the culture of the company. Building a positive environment is a must. There must a appreciation of small things to encourage the employees. Providing the needed opportunities to the employees is a necessity. The employees must be supportive of each other at difficult times.
  • Missions and goals – There need to be a fundamental idea. The communication of the goal to your employees is also an important factor. For example, Google- “Build for everyone”. It may sound exaggerating, but it should touch the sentiments of people. The goal must define properly the company’s actual desires.
  • Leaders of the organization- The leaders must be well-qualified. They should try to maintain unity among the employees. They should be clear in their minds regarding the goals to be achieved by the company and should be well explained to the employees.
  • Ethics and moral values- The values need to be practiced. If they are not put into action, they will just remain mere words on paper.

Working of Company Culture

It can be developed in a company with deliberation or it can also be cultivated by certain decisions taken by the employee over time. If the culture is strong, there is a good understanding of the outcomes. As a result, right action is taken by the employees in the right time.

There are some companies which work in teams. These companies give importance to participation at all levels. On the other hand, there are certain organizations which believe in traditional or hierarchical management. In such companies, your field of work will be clearly defined, but there may be fewer opportunities to go forward in your career without going through a formal procedure. In firms which are more casual, employees have the chance to work on different fields and thus gathering more experience.

Identification of Company Culture

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There are various ways which can be used to identify culture of a company. Knowing about the missions and goals of the company can give us an idea about the culture. The reviews of the company can also be helpful.

Importance of Company Culture

The importance of the company culture is beyond our imagination. From hiring employees to the performance and profit attained by the company is all benefited by the culture. A major portion of the job-seekers consider this culture as the most important factor. The values matter to these people. As the research says, companies which focus on their culture attract a large number of employees every year. Apart from these factors, the employees performance show a positive result in the companies which care about their culture.

In spite of all these factors, the executives give a very minimal attention in developing a positive culture. This is high to bring about a change in such attitudes, if the goal of the company is to thrive towards excellence.


The company culture boosts the productivity of the employees. If people are working in an environment which is full of positivity, there will be different level of zeal to work. An employee can never give his fullest efforts, if the atmosphere is not pleasurable to him.


Company culture is important to the recruiters too. When the workers are productive, it will definitely be beneficial to the company. When the employees serve for a long time in the company, the burden of recruiting new employees is lessened to a great extent.

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