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Best Theme parks around the World

This is end of this year 2020 and end of this contagious disease COVID – 19 as well. People are now getting back to their normal lives and pulling out of the fear, families are now planning for a family vacation this Christmas. Winters calls for Christmas holidays and also holidaying with your family and friends anywhere around the world Theme parks. A visit to a theme park could be just what one needs to get out of the gloom that Covid-19 set in over the world. However, practice caution, wear that mask and keep your hands clean at all times.

Spending your time with your loved ones and taking children to such places where they could also enjoy. They are nothing but the theme parks where taking your children is quintessential. If you haven’t visited a theme park yet with your kid, then you have missed out on so much fun.

There are dozens of such parks all around the world where you can visit with your families and spend ample of time there. New culture, new rides, water cannon, luxurious spas, cafes and bistros, plays and theatres and the list is endless. You will find every possible happening event at these parks. In other words, theme based parks have entirely another life and you seem to get drifted to just another part of the world – like a fairy land that does not exist outside.

Here are some theme parks which are considered to be the best around the world.

  1. Universal Studios Japan – This is undoubtedly the best theme parks in the world. If you are in Japan for your holidays and you haven’t been to this awesome place, then you have seen nothing. An entirely new place, out of this world, this park has everything that you can dream of. The cartoon characters like Minions, Harry Porter’s Broom stick, your favourite Kitty’s head and so on and so forth. This place has cafes built on themes like the Minion, Hello Kitty and Harry Porter.

It is an absolute necessity for any excursion to Japan, particularly for amusement park fans. Despite the fact that the recreation center has a large number of similar attractions as its Florida and California partners, there are a couple of rides and shows that are explicit to the Japanese park. Eating here can likewise be like the stateside parks with eateries like the Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Head. This park has 24 attraction points with 7 themed parks based on Hollywood.

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  1. Disneyland Hongkong – Enter the mysterious domain of Walt Disney and relish remembering your youth at this fantasy propelled wonderland. Unfurling into seven subjects including Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Fantasy, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, and Grizzly Gulch this park opens you to the live Disney world, allowing you to live your dreams. Bragging in excess of 30 attractions, the recreation center has various incredibly famous features badged to its name – FantasyLand home to various low thickness yet engaging rides, Jungle River Cruise besting the family vacationers list, enchanting expedient rides at Toy Story Land, Hyperspace Mountain Roller Coaster at Tomorrowland.

With countless retreats, you won’t have the option to conceal all the attractions and exercises regardless of whether you go through a month here! The Disneyland continues adding rushes and spills to add another hint of fervor, subsequently got extraordinary compared to other delight and amusement parks for youngsters and families around the world.

  1. Port Aventura Spain – One of Europe’s most notable amusement parks, situated in the core of Costa Dorada, Port Aventura is an entrancing association you should insight in the midst of investigating a whole universe of fun, unwinding, and food. This park is based on the theme of Mediterranean and Caribbean adventures that used to happen in the historic life. While visiting this park, you can relive the moment and happenings that were made in ancient times. The most noteworthy fall slide in Europe, make it an excursion worth endeavor with loved ones. The hotels, masterful exhibitions, and light shows add flavor to the carnival.
  2. Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an irreplaceable asset. Established in 1843, it gave inventive motivation to Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney. The recreation center is part garden, part shared restaurant, and part amusement park. Around evening time, the recreation center is changed with vivid lights, making for the ideal fantasy scenery for a great family night out. The most mainstream ride at the recreation center is a wooden exciting ride from 1914, which is one of just seven thrill rides on the planet with a brakeman on board the train.
  3. Tokyo Disneyland in Japan– Tokyo Disneyland brings the entirety of the wistfulness of the Disney parks from the United States and joins them with the way of life of Japan. Innovation is serious at this park, with attractions like Pooh’sHunny Hunt and marches like Dreaming Up! Tokyo Disney is home to numerous exemplary Disney attractions also, for example, it’s a little world and Big Thunder Mountain.

The recreation center is known for their various kinds of popcorn, which isn’t to be missed, alongside the character steamed buns that can be found at eateries all through the recreation center.

  1. Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands– Efteling is a quintessential European theme park, with rides and shows that reflect fantasies and legends of old. It’s twice as extensive as Disneyland Park in California. You will be surprised to know the fact that this is the third most visited theme park in Europe! There’s a bit of something for everybody in the family here, from small children who need to investigate a real backwoods loaded up with characters from adored stories, to more seasoned children searching for a roller coaster where you take a free-fall risk at very nearly 56 mph!


These theme based parks are one of the best from all across the nations. You can also get hotel/resort accommodations nearby to these parks. You need not travel hours just to get to this place. And, one day is just not enough to enjoy at these beautiful places. The heart-warming theme carnivals, exotic food, luxurious hotels and spas, theatres, imaginary orient and the wonderful rides for the kids are just not enough to describe the beauty of these theme parks.

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