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Over the top (OTT) platform in the long run big picture

Recently, OTT platform or over-the-top streaming media service is quite trending all over the world. It provides streaming directly to viewers through the internet big picture.

By taking a look at the big picture, the OTT platform has taken over theatres and cinema halls in the long run. As mobile phones, laptops, and computers are present in almost every house around the corner of the globe. They are connected to the internet, which has led to the popularity e of this OTT platform. Over-the-top platforms are mostly based on a subscription basis. This subscription offers access to film and television content, which includes various series and documentaries. Currently, subscription-based viewing is providing better media services than cable TV services. OTT platforms are flexible, where the viewers are allowed to access their favorite media content whenever and wherever they want. The core advantage of the OTT platform is that it operates absolutely on the viewers’ requirements. The viewer is allowed to watch their favorite content over and over again and at any particular corner of the globe if

they have a subscription and internet connection.

A significant benefit of the OTT platform:

  • A substantial engagement with the audience through advertisements – In the big picture of online entertainment, OTT’s primary advantage is advertising. Research shows that the audience is highly receptive to OTT advertising, i.e., almost 98% of the OTT device audience completes the entire ad. This research proves that the urge to skip and fast forward through the commercials, which has been a trend since the early days of VCR and DVR, has almost died out among the era of media consumers.
  • In the field of data transparency and microtargeting – The traditional TV consumption metrics were generally based on large sample sizes and extrapolating interpreter data, whereas OTT advertisements offer more clarity. The viewers like the flexibility to choose and feel like they control their media diet, whether it’s commercials or the content.

Various content worldwide –

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The traditional cable viewing only offered restricted content. In contrast, the OTT platform, being a global platform, provides the viewers with more content, whether it’s a film or series or any documentary. Most of the content is compact and portrays reality, which results in mass interaction.

The pandemic lockdown has resulted in the enormous growth of the OTT platform. From teenagers to senior citizens, everybody has acquired the flexible access provided by the OTT platform. Even many big pictures were also being released on the OTT platform. Considering the big picture thinking, many producers are releasing their series, short films, and even the big pictures on the OTT platform after its high subscription rate in the lockdown period. The work from home and the restriction to go out has led to an increased rate of binge-watching. Everyday hassles and stress result in this increased rate of online streaming. People nowadays prefer a comfortable lifestyle over a stressful daily routine. The facility of net banking and online transactions has made life a lot easier; therefore, thinking of the big picture, people are more comfortable leading a modern, flexible lifestyle than their regular stressed and compact routine. Like every aspect, there is always a negative and a positive side of everything.

Disadvantages of OTT platform:

  • The downfall in the mainframe of the local theatre business,
  • Major loss of cinema halls and multiplexes,
  • Significant communication gap among humans.
  • The response of major big budget movies is less than it used to be.
  • Not everyone can subscribe and watch.

Some popular OTT platforms are Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Voot, Zee5, etc.


Thinking of the long run big picture, India has a vast and diverse market for OTT platforms. The increasing subscription rate reflects that in the future OTT platform will rule over the regular cable platforms. From small series to big pictures, producers all over the world are mostly investing in over-the-top platforms. The modern generation lacks time to travel and hang out outside; therefore, the OTT platform is the only savior. In this era of the internet and binge-watching, people in the upcoming big picture will shift to OTT platforms due to their advantage of flexibility and comfort. India’s OTT industry is also rising at higher rates pushing us into the era of online streaming.

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