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Email marketing- Importance, Working

As the name suggests, email marketing makes use of emails to promote products or services that developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It mainly includes direct mail that is done electronically rather than availing for postal service. Email is one of the best marketing tools that provide the ability to create a fluid that is interconnected and has undisrupted buyer’s journey.

Look around you will find companies paying so much high for advertising like thousands of dollars are spent on advertising in which email seems a cost-effective solution.

It is not that easy to choose good content because writing an email with direct subject lines and captivating lines takes hard work. Therefore, this post will tell you a lot about how email marketing works.

Importance of Email marketing

After knowing about email marketing, you must be curious to know the actual importance of it. Though social media is rising, the email strategy of marketing is still the most effective solution.

The importance of this marketing strategy is as follows:

  • There is almost 99 percent of consumers usually check their emails on regular basis. Therefore, it becomes the best way to establish a communication link with the consumer. There may be a chance that the customer forgets to check social media but checking emails is the first thing to do.
  • It also overcomes the uncertainty of having deleted the emails. IT is because social media accounts can be deleted anytime. But you own your email account, and that won’t let you lose the information.
  • It is also a common observation that people who choose products using emails tend to pay 138 percent more than the ones who don’t receive emails. It is one big factor and if you think that social media can do this for you then you are highly mistaken.
  • Email is also a testing opportunity to receive valuable customer data for high intentional and meaningful customer crucial details.


How does email marketing work?

It has become very easy to adopt this marketing strategy as it is really easy to set up and track an email campaign. You can also choose a newsletter sign up options for your website. AS a result, when people sign up then you can send newsletters to the growing audience. This regular newsletter is a simple and effective way to send updates about the offers, events, and other updates. The task becomes easier with automated software as they schedule automated software-generated emails.

This technique allows you to work on a target market as there are particular groups of customers or sometimes specific individuals. Specific deals include options like customers’ special birthday deals on merchandise or services.

When an email is sent, the chance of opening it becomes more. This does not happen with social media as posting there doesn’t mean that everyone will see the post. There can be a way that email marketing can go hand in hand with social media. For example, one can add a like or share button on the mail itself. The emails can also include some snippets of positive reviews from the social media account or the deals offered.

These ways can increase your income with recognizable growth.

Email Marketing Approach

Though it seems easy, it requires good efforts. One cannot lead to this marketing strategy without choosing the right content. If you are looking for the strategies that could help you make the most of the email marketing campaigns, then you are in for a treat. Follow these simple steps, and you will surely see yourself reaching good heights in this marketing.

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  • Create your list

When you send an unsolicited email to your customers then you eventually decrease the chance of their purchase from you. Therefore, if you hope to see them as your customers for a long then try to make our list.

  • Follow the law

All the marketers associated with email strategy must adhere to all the rules that are mentioned in the CAN-SPAM Act. The rules state the non-deceptive subject line, unsubscribing clear ways, including the name and address in the emails. All the guidelines should be followed properly.

  • Mix up your messages

Try to be more expressive while sending your emails. It is not always good to just send the ads to buy the products every time. You should choose to write your sentences in the email to make them more appealing. Give them the suggestions as per your choice or any insights that can be valuable to them or anything that can look livelier.

  • Respect your subscribers

All those people who are your subscribers and are on your list deserve respect. It is because they have shared their correct information by trusting you. If you want to make them your regular customers or your fans, then you need to make them feel special. This is because when someone gets special treatment from the sellers then the chances of him buying that product becomes high.

  • Make a schedule

You can always stick to your prioritized schedule if you are dealing with the newsletter. It is because this marketing strategy is effective only when you try to be as active as possible. Sending late emails would not get you any benefits. You need to send an email on the same day of purchase and also keep them updating with new offers, products, etc. This will make it easy for the customers to know what is the best deal to go with and they would know what to expect and when from sellers.

  • Optimize the strategy for mobile

This is a common observation revealed from the studies that most of the consumers open their email account on their mobile. This makes it necessary for the product sellers to make such an email that gives a great impression on consumers as to when your email does not get displayed correctly then it will be of no use.

The readers would create a negative impression of you like you do not even know how to craft an email.


Email marketing, as mentioned earlier, is the effective use of email to promote the products and services of the company and connect well with the customers. If it is done properly then it is a commendable sales driver. If it is not well crafted or having low-quality content, then it is taken as spam email by the customers, thereby ignored.  It can convert missed opportunities into opportunities that are necessary for stronger customer relationships and also increased conversions. Try to follow the steps as these segmentations will let you excel through this strategy as it is cost effective as well.

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