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5 Facts about agriculture you probably did not know

Agriculture resides everywhere, and we get our daily meal because of it. But farming has much more depth than any of us are aware. The transportation of plants and other resources for building houses is essential. Many countries rely on agriculture as a significant trade asset. When a country has no way of paying as much money, they rely on farmed commodities to exchange. But we are not done with just this vital aspect. We have several interesting facts about agriculture which will surely get you involved in the business more than you are currently.

  1. Agriculture is the single largest employer globally

Farming does not involve the single process of cultivating plants and managing them. Agriculture also involves sales, transportation, management, and many other aspects. Anyone can get involved with agriculture to find great job opportunities that can take them far if dedicated. Farming has two main types of employment sectors, the farm sector, and the non-farm sector. Many farmers also require pest control tools to make protection for their plants. Business owners of pesticides and other pest control tools can also benefit from supplying farmers with essential instruments.

  1. There are 160 million hectors of farm area in India alone

The farm area in India alone is large enough to home millions of farmers and provide stable income. The truck drivers who transport the farmed plants and animals also earn a steady income from it. Farming is a massive capital for any country throughout the world. Every person involved in farming must play their role without fail. India has 118.9 million farmers and agriculture workers in the industry. The number has declined in the past couple of years, but we can see a rise in the importance of farming.

  1. The average Indian farmer feeds approximately 120 people
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Average farmers in India produce enough crops to feed a lot of people. The feeding cycle becomes possible as in villages the prices of lands can go down a lot. With lesser people farming and more people getting involved in corporations, the prices have just gone down over the last couple of years. But costs will rise again as people get a hold of the importance of agriculture. The process will take time for obvious reasons, but the food people cook important farmed plants and animals.

  1. Bio-fertilizers are the future of Indian farming

Bio-fertilizers contain nutrition and microbes, which help the growth of a plant. The mixture consists of mycorrhizal fungi, blue-green algae, and bacteria. The fungi help absorb nutrients from nearby soil, which the plants can then consume. And cyanobacteria help keep the nitrogen balance of the ground and its nearby environments. Some bacteria can convert the non-soluble form of soil into phosphorous. Phosphorous is an essential component for plants to keep their pigment and other functions running. Bio-fertilizers sometimes help produce the required phosphorous with the help of bacteria.

  1. The government has not banned all harmful pesticides in India

In 2017, pesticides resulted in the death of 40 farmers because of poisoning. The farmers’ committee recommended the ban of 12 pesticides and decided to phase 6 pesticides once and for all. The agriculture ministry issued charges because of the poisoning in Maharashtra. The 99 pesticides that are toxic globally were in a petition to be banned, but the government had only banned only a few of them. Some pesticides are still in circulation without any restrictions. There have not been any more deaths, but the pesticides can always make anyone sick.


The above-stated facts are just a few of the things that do not go out of the farmers’ community. But the information should be available to everyone as all of them are essentially one way or the other. Anyone who is willing enough to begin an agricultural business can consider the above facts and invest accordingly to avoid situations. Working at a farm is done by people worldwide, and it is good to encourage adequate transportation and farming procedures for everyone. The GDP has taken a massive impact because of pandemic and drought. In 2019 the indebtedness caused the death of more than 10,000 farmers.

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